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The DVBSC tool converts standard and high definition streams from digital video broadcasting. It generates .MPG, .TS and .M2TS video files. It also converts Dolby Digital+ audio to regular Dolby Digital. Up to 4 sequences can be selected from the input video stream.*

Download DVBSC (English and French versions)


DVD2MPG is a Windows XP program that generates a MPEG2 stream from the .VOB files of a DVD. To do that, AC3 audio is decoded and recoded in MPEG audio. PCM audio can also be converted to MPEG audio. MPEG2 video is transfered without any modification except timing information. This must be done because timings are not continuous inside a .VOB file or from one .VOB file to another. This is not acceptable in a MPEG2 file.*

Download DVD2MPG (English and French versions)


It is better to use DVD+RW medias to record movies and series broadcasted on TV with a DVD recorder. Editing functions of this device allow to cut useless parts as well as advertisements. When you are happy with the result and you want to keep it, it’s time to copy the DVD+RW on a DVD+R. There are a lot of problems with standard tools to do this. Usually those tools are not able to determine the used size of the DVD+RW. Sometimes the DVD is shortened, sometimes the copy is endless. It’s why I developed my own DVD ISO image extraction tool. DVD2ISO analyses the DVD contents in order to find used blocks. Its allows to save time and space. This tools includes an ISO image virtual player.

Download DVD2ISO (English and French versions)